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There are so many things to consider before and during  bathroom renovations from light and space to privacy and the feel of the room and practicality.

When it comes to windows and light the possibilities are endless. Before renovating your bathroom look at your plan and try to imagine the amount of light that streams into the room. Depending on the aspect of your home and your privacy you may decide a frosted glass window blocks out not only a potentially nice view but also too much light. Frosted glass does give privacy and block out direct vision but sometimes at the coat of a lot of light. For some great ideas for different styles of windows visit Ryleho. If their prices are beyond your budget why not try

For a more modest budget why not try Monaro. You can also visit their showrooms view and test their products on display, or leave it up to our coordinator he will organize everything for you. Powder coated aluminium windows are less maintenance intensive than wooden ones. You will need to stay in fashion with the rest of the house unless you have plans to have all the windows replaced. Whatever you decide we will coordinate the lot without a headache to you. Bare in mind windows take 6-7 weeks to arrive so the work needs to be carefully planned by an expert.

We can do almost anything you can imagine with a bathroom all you have to do is have the idea. From there we can work with you and build you ideal bathroom and make it into a visual wonder. Call Tradeworks Beautiful Bathrooms today 62300500 and make a time and we will come out and see you and start your dreams for a new bathroom rolling.