Let Tradeworks help you with all your routine plumbing, gasfitting & drainage maintenance as well as new installations

We are a family operated business and would like the chance to look after your plumbing needs by sending you one of our very capable, licensed and insured plumbers when you call. We will provide a time that will fit in with your lifestyle whatever that might be because we know when you call it is usually not something you were able to plan ahead for. Tradeworks plumbers are recognised for their punctuality and skill. AND if necessary will call you 30 minutes before our arrival or when we are on our way to your home.

We service the entire Canberra and Queanbeyan region. We are your local plumber in Belconnen, City, Gungahlin, Inner North, Inner South, Jerrabomberra, Tuggeranong, Woden Valley and Weston Creek. Call us now 62 300 500

We will treat your home with care and respect. We will leave the work area clean and tidy.


Blocked Drains

Slow draining sinks, basins or showers? Is your toilet filling up or overflowing, inside or out? Do you have an unpleasant smell or gurgle coming from your household plumbing? These are all symptoms of a blocked drain. The type of things that commonly cause blocked drains are:

  • Tree roots,
  • Sanitary hygiene products,
  • Foreign objects or sometimes
  • Your childrens toys could all be to blame.


In some circumstances where a drain cannot be cleared, is blocking repetitively or your pipes are damaged, cracked or broken, digging up a section of your drain and replacing it may be your only option.


Leaking Taps and Toilets

Do you have a troublesome tap that won’t stop dripping Often the solution can be a new tap washer. However if your taps need re-seating or you are looking to update or upgrade your tapware we are happy to guide you through the process. Do you experience difficulty turning taps on and off? Perhaps a mixer tap or quarter turn lever tapware may be the solution you are looking for.



Leaking and Constant or Intermittent Running Toilets
Do you have a toilet that never stops running? Is your toilet cistern constantly running or filling up in the middle of the night? If this is the case unfortunately you are wasting money and water. Toilet cisterns often require a new washer as washers are perishable. Likewise the inlet or outlet valve sometimes needs replacing. Sometimes the best solution is to replace your old toilet cistern which can be consuming up to 11 litres of water per flush, with a new dual flush cistern which uses less than half that amount as it is

cost-effective as well as water wise.

Having said that, sometimes it is best just to replace the whole toilet. Unless you can get the exact cistern that goes with your toilet if they are mismatched they will not empty the toilet properly and sometimes just replacing the whole toilet and getting a modern one is a better option. New toilets with all the pipe work enclosed are easy to clean and easy on the eye. As with clothes bathroom fashion also changes every 5-10 years.

Pressure Relief Valves and Hot Water Systems

Do you have a pipe on the side of your hot water system that doesn’t seem to go anywhere or appear to do anything? This pipe comes from the temperature and pressure relief valve which releases the pressure building up inside your hot water system as a result of heating water. Your temperature and pressure relief valve is a non-serviceable item. Manufacturers recommend that Pressure Relief Valves should be changed every 5 years in order to prolong the life expectancy of your hot water system. So if you haven’t had your Pressure Relief Value changed and you have had your Hot Water System for longer than 5 years you should give us a call to get it replaced don’t wait for it to break down and leak water everywhere. The Pressure Relief Valve needs to be changed by a licenced plumber. Call Tradeworks today on 62 300 500 and let us look after you.



Hot Water Units Repaired / Replaced

No hot water? Plumbing emergencies of course happen at the most in opportune moments. There are several plumbing issues which can affect the operation of your hot water unit. The Tradeworks Plumbers are all licenced and qualified at addressing all of your issues in a timely fashion. Whether your problem is an element or thermostat on an electric hot water system or a pressure relief valve we have the expertise and equipment to get you back your hot water.

If your hot water system is older than 10-20 years guess what  . . . the parts on your hot water system are going to start to wear out and need replacing one after the other. So we can replace the parts as they wear out, OR if your hot water system throws in the towel you can replace it and get an up to date hot water system that is more efficient and cost effective. We will advise you on the most cost effective and suitable option for you, your family or your workplace. Call Tradeworks today on 62300500.





Dishwasher installations

Do you have a new dishwasher or has your old one finally given up the ghost? Tradeworks can help you get your new dishwasher installed. Whether that is cutting in a new water tap, altering the drain or just simply replacing a new for old model give us a call today 62300500.






Gas appliances

Tradeworks can install your gas appliances including gas cooktops, gas ovens/freestanding units, gas hot water systems, continuous flow gas hot water systems, gas BBQ’s, etc. Call Tradeworks today if you need a gas cooktop installed 62300500.