Modern Bathroom Renovations

The modern bathroom renovations usually have very large tiles with tiny mosaic glass feature tiles. The feature tiling can be a whole wall or just a vertical strip here and there or you can have a pattern tiled into the wall. See this bathroom picture where they have a whole wall of glass tiles as the feature wall.

Modern bathroom renovations

Here is a glass tile feature wall in the right size room it is really stunning. The mirror in this bathroom makes it look a bit hotch potch but in real life it looks stunning.

Another variety of feature wall in modern bathroom renovations is a strip on one or two walls; like in the bathroom below.


Modern bathroom Renovations

Another feature that can be found in modern bathroom renovations is to have a very large mirror or a mirrored wall. See the bathroom below. Either way modern bathroom renovations have a very spacious uncluttered look.

Modern Bathroom Renovations