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We use bathrooms daily from the moment we wake up some days and then at different periods throughout the day.  Depending on what we find when we enter we might feel like we are in a special sanctuary or we might feel upset, disgruntled and rush to get out again.

Bathrooms can be luxurious, and the wonderful thing these days is luxury can come at a very affordable price. Modern bathrooms are elegant and can a daring splash of personality. You might be the sort of person that wants to make a statement and be very different. The Tradeworks team can cater to your needs and create a room that matches your lifestyle exactly whether you’re retired, a worker, an executive or anywhere in between.

We know every person likes different colours in tiles for example. Some people like grey, some like beige, some like blues, some like classic black and white. Whatever your choice visit Rivoland tiles in Queanbeyan they have the biggest selection in the Canberra Region.

Many people like timber vanities so don’t forget to visit Harvey Norman in Fyshwick and see their displays and catalogues. If it’s not in the store they will order it in.

Call Tradeworks Beautiful Bathrooms we will look after you from start to finish. Call us now on 02-62 300 500