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This stunning bathroom is an example of the saying ‘less is more’. When doing bathroom renovations sometimes people put too much into a room. Leaving space gives you a feeling of luxury as well as beauty.

Bathroom renovations are very personal. These beige Rivoland tiles and fixtures are personal choices, as personal as choosing clothing. Kohler Ove is a brand that puts luxury fittings at your finger-tips. You can find a Kohler Ove wall faced toilet with in-wall cistern and bevel flush plate at Harvey Norman.

There is no right or wrong choice it is all about your taste and your preferences. At Tradeworks we don’t impose our views upon you; we help you bring your ideas to life. Your vision is what is important. We will guide you that’s what makes our Beautiful Bathrooms section so popular. Tradeworks Beautiful Bathrooms Is Canberra’s Most Trusted Bathroom Renovator.

If you need help with ideas we can also help you with those. We can tell you of the many options available in choice of windows and fittings AND where is the best place to place your bath, shower and vanity to make the best use of the space you have. Call us 62 300 500 or email us for an appointment and we will come and go through your options with you and give you a very reasonable quote.