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If you renovated your entire house to suit your personal needs be indulgent and do the same in your bathroom.

The bathroom plays a rather important part in all of this as it is usually the first room you go to when you get up in the morning and it can set the mood for your day.

Whether you live with a partner, a family or by yourself, if you have interstate friends that come and drop in for a visit you can create a luxury bathroom without too much effort.  Create a bit of luxury living that you might find in a five-star hotel in your own home; is a treat everyone should experience in their life.  Well, you can certainly achieve that with a choice of gray tiles from Rivoland tiles, fittings and prime cost items bought from Reece.

You can order a Clearwater Formoso free standing oval bath for around $4,500 online from Reece or you can buy an imitation at a hardware store or discounted plumbing supply store or auction house. If you know where to look there is a luxury look for any budget. Bathroom decor gives that individual touch.

As well as all the prime cost item choices the layout plays a big part – our expert can help you with that.

The Tradeworks team will set to work and change everything in your bathroom. Like in the picture you can have a clear glass screen that you just walk behind to have your shower. (Not evident in the shot you can see the edge of the shower screen if you look for it). This bathroom is pristine and feels uncluttered and is a fabulous addition to anyhome. Let Tradeworks do your bathroom renovation. Tradeworks is Canberra’s most trusted bathroom renovator.