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Tradeworks Beautiful Bathrooms always gives the customer what they want. It is not about the builder it is about the customer and their wishes.

We have often been to see a customer and they tell us they are disappointed because they wanted something particular in their bathroom like a seat built into the wall so they can wash their feet properly or sit down if they are tired after a hard days work. The customer will tell us they have had builders come to give them quotes and the builder told them they couldn’t have what they wanted because it is against regulations. Our bathroom coordinator usually asks them did they show you where that’s written. The customer says no. The coordinator gets on his phone on the internet, calls a few people and finds out  . . . guess what you can have a seat tiled into your shower wall and we will do it for you. You just have to decide where exactly you want it. What has just happened is the builder doesn’t want to

What has just happened is the builder doesn’t want to go to the trouble. Well, don’t worry Tradeworks Beautiful Bathrooms is here to give you what you want.

This Tradeworks customer accepted our quote because no one would give him what he wanted. Most of the other contractors he saw told him what they thought he should do and what they thought he should have to gain a lot of resale value. He was a tall man and wanted the feeling of a lot of space in his bathroom so he would have room to move around and not bump and knock himself while he dressed and undressed. Also he said he planned to live in this house till the day he died and was not interested so much in resale value.

We discussed a few options with him and finally found the option that suited his needs the best. With charcoal grey Rivoland tiles you cannot go wrong because their selection is so large they have very expensive to the very inexpensive. You can choose whatever tap wear you like from Caroma to Grohe at Harvey Norman the look will be as you like it. The job was completed and once again Tradeworks Beautiful Bathrooms turned a customer’s ideas into reality and he is totally happy with the result.

Tradeworks Beautiful Bathrooms is Canberra’s most trusted bathroom renovator and we turn customer’s ideas into reality everytime.